4th Eagle Flying

Michael Martinez is a Tejano conceptual artist, photographer, painter, and part of the transnational artist collective “WE DA PEPO.” Martinez specializes in the brazen and bizarre while confronting social ideologies unrelenting logic. Through his poignant compositions and often controversial subject matter, the artist can evoke intense feelings from the spectator with layered meanings to challenge the audience’s perspective.

Michael focuses his work on bearing witness to the human condition by using found objects and demonstrating unexpected duality found in two cultures and touches on the historical exclusion of lived immigrant experiences.

Martinez exercises his art, consisting of practical use of film development, various incarnations of zine production, an intriguing collaborative collage-work to refract information back to the viewer. His creative control of mixed media and use of nontraditional methods of photography and printmaking represents an articulation of rejection and non-conformity.

If he is not deconstructing portraits or traveling as a hired photographer, Michael is experimenting in full-stack web development.